Create a Sync API Key

Sync API Keys are used for programmatic access to our REST APIs.

Sync API Keys are used for programmatic access to our REST APIs, and enable you to completely automate continuous monitoring and tuning of your jobs.

With a Sync API Key, you can generate an access token on the fly to securely interact with our REST APIs. Each access token has its own expiry which is a date and time in the future. When an access token expires, or is nearing expiry, you use your Sync API Key to securely generate a new access token which you can start using right away; the old access token will continue working until its expiry.


API Keys, Access Tokens, and Sync REST APIs

API Keys and Access Tokens can get confusing if you're new to REST APIs.

Here are a few points to help make things clear

  • API Keys are used to generate Access Tokens
  • Access Tokens are used to authorize access to Sync REST APIs
  • The only Sync REST API endpoint that doesn't require authorization is /v1/users/{{user_id}}/token - this endpoint takes in a valid API Key and returns a valid Access Token

Initial steps to using Sync REST APIs

  • Step 1: Create an API Key
  • Step 2: Use the API Key to generate an Access Token
  • Step 3: Use the Access Token to interact with Sync REST APIs

Try it out! Create your first Sync API Key

Sign in to the Sync Autotuner UI and click on Account in the left pane.
This will take you to your Account page where you'll find your User Id, and any API Keys you've created.


Click on the Create Key button
Clicking on the Create Key button will automatically generate a Sync API Key for you.



A few notes on Sync API Keys

  • You can create up to three API Keys.
  • If you need to cycle out an API Key, then click on Delete next to the API Key that you want to remove.
  • The Create Key button will disappear when you've reached the maximum of three API Keys. If you want to create another API Key then you'll first have to delete one of the existing API Keys.

Now that you've created your first Sync API Key, you can use it to generate your first access token and start interacting with the APIs.

Next steps...

Check out our recipe on generating an access token using your newly created Sync API Key.